Tuesday, September 30, 2008

So, fair enough, the markets have responded (moderately) well to the Government's bank deposit guarantee announcement, but that doesn't change things for yours truly.
Let's take the shambles that are my finances. I've been living on my credit card since, ooh, about September 2. And I figured that the wages from one job (worth about e2,000) would cover the mortgage and minimal lifestyle expenses for October. But when I went to the ATM on Sunday (after taking e100 out late on Thursday) I found I had, gulp, less than e500 there. It wasn't even enough to cover the mortgage.
Utter disaster.
I've just been burying my head in the sand for too long. Concerts, meals out, fugging e500 handbags... I've been spending money, hand over fist, without any thought for the consequences. So, on Sunday, I sat down and made out a list of my meals for the week, and what I needed to buy. And I'm going to stop myself buying hair straighteners, plants for the balcony, and little pick-me-ups from Penneys.
The madness ends here