Sunday, September 5, 2010

Well, this is interesting... I've been surviving on €100 since last Wednesday, and I may just last until tomorrow (Monday). Really, my biggest extravagances have been food: sprang for lunch with my friend on Wednesday. Naughtily got a takeaway on Thursday & Saturday (but I'd been working late I can hear myself whinge), and treated myself to reasonably priced (for D4) lunches at work. Oh, and I had to get petrol last night. Today, I've yet to have anything to eat, but I still have 1 carton of hummus left from early last week - if I shell out for slightly fancy bread, I should be able to hold off going to the ATM until tomorrow. And as my laser card isn't working (hmm... need to talk to my bank about that), the only alternative to living very frugally today is putting goods on the credit card. Which in itself isn't usually A Bad Thing. It's just that I was living on it for a good 2 weeks, and when the credit card comes out, it's very hard not to justify its use by buying other items for the week ahead.
We'll see how I get on...

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