Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Ended up going for a hat-trick of Indian takeaways last week. Appalling. So, by the weekend, I was ready to try to rein it in again. Friday lunchtime, I had pasta leftovers, the same on Saturday. And then on Sunday, I did some baking (not an unqualified success this) and invited a friend over to help me consume some of the fruits of my labour. Yesterday, I allowed myself to be led to the poshest, most expensive sandwich bar near my office, which is in the poshest, most expensive part of Dublin. Before I was aware of anything, I'd parted with €7 and had just a small sandwich, a bitter coffee & an apple to show for it. ouch. So last night, on my way home from work, I called into the posh supermarket near my home, picked up 2 veggie ready meals for €6, a little fruit, some posh egg pasta, some toilet paper and a side dish of carrot & turnip (don't judge me: I was able to place half in the freezer, and bring half to work where it added not much zing to my frozen shepherd's pie). That haul set me back €17. Yikes.
So as late as I was for work, I made sure to gather my lunch together. It even helped me feel okay about topping up my train ticket by €20... which was the only money I spent, apart from 80c for a treat at work...
Of course, this is just piffling stuff. Apparently, the representatives of the EU bailout team - a sort of advance guard - will arrive in Dublin later this week, just in case our Government changes its mind about a digout from Europ. Good times, eh?
Well, I'm off to bed: heading to Longford in the morning to see an old friend. And the children who will have to care for me in my old age...

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Strange couple of days...Spending remained quite modest on Monday: lunch was the €6 coffee & panini deal in Insomnia (which is the D4 version of a recessionista lunch) while groceries for my dinner came to about €8 (including €4 for Parmesan). Today was slightly different: brought generous portion of frozen shepherd's pie to the office for lunch, spent €3.50 on a side dish in the posh deli next door to the office, and spent about €9 at the chemist... but then treated myself to huge Indian takeaway on the way home. Like €12 or so. Just weird...

Sunday, November 7, 2010

Huddling over my laptop, listening out for much-anticipated storm to hit my corner of north Dublin... It's been all over the papers & broadcast media for days now that Sunday night/Monday morning will be a mutha of a toodoo. Heard from Galway that it's pretty rough, and saw on the 6 o'clock news that the weather was pretty, ah, fresh up in Donegal, but apart de cela... nothing. The important thing for me is: it's meant me spending close to Nothing today. In fairness, I did rather overdo it the two days before that, including €40 which just disappeared out of my wallet on Friday night when I went to the - wait for it - cinema!
How? Due to poor time management, I ended up taking a taxi to picturehouse. Then €10 for ticket (The Social Network, thanks for asking, yes, it was very good), followed by a burger and 3 glasses of wine. I mean, really - is it just me or does that strike anybody else as incredible?