Sunday, November 7, 2010

Huddling over my laptop, listening out for much-anticipated storm to hit my corner of north Dublin... It's been all over the papers & broadcast media for days now that Sunday night/Monday morning will be a mutha of a toodoo. Heard from Galway that it's pretty rough, and saw on the 6 o'clock news that the weather was pretty, ah, fresh up in Donegal, but apart de cela... nothing. The important thing for me is: it's meant me spending close to Nothing today. In fairness, I did rather overdo it the two days before that, including €40 which just disappeared out of my wallet on Friday night when I went to the - wait for it - cinema!
How? Due to poor time management, I ended up taking a taxi to picturehouse. Then €10 for ticket (The Social Network, thanks for asking, yes, it was very good), followed by a burger and 3 glasses of wine. I mean, really - is it just me or does that strike anybody else as incredible?

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