Friday, May 20, 2011

Bean there...

Obviously, I shouldn't be gulping down a Mexican Bean Tostada as I type this. Certainly not one I picked up for €3.99 in the local overpriced supermarket. But I have to be at a pub table quiz in, ooh, 75 minutes, my too-short hair needs attention, and I'm in the grip of a bean addiction right now. My new Tuesday lunch is a homemade bean burrito, with the kidney bean-base rustled up on Monday nights. Well, I say 'rustle'. Really, I just chop an onion, soften in some olive oil, throw in some chilli flakes, rinse the contents of a tin of kidney beans, and chuck them in. Add a little water, allow them to warm through and then mash vigorously. Turn the heat off, and let them sit overnight, ready to roll in Centra tortillas the following morning. Grab some fruit on the way to work, and you have serious noms that are ridiculously filling. (Pic courtesy of Groovy Vegetarian)

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