Monday, May 16, 2011

The beef curry was... okay actually. Quite bland but very more-ish. I quite like the idea of throwing everything into a pot and walking away, freeing up your time to make your flat presentable, so the slow cooker will be getting an outing again before too long.
Yesterday turned into the very worst of non-days. Just about managed to read the papers, got no housework done, none of the small, not very onerous chores. Then at 11pm, I got an attack of the shouldas and stayed up until 3am trying to make the day worthwhile, which it was, if you count trolling on
Still. If my weekend was a little uninspiring, at least it wasn't disastrously seedy, like Dominique Strauss-Kahn's. The disgusting toe-rag. Obviously, I can't assume he's guilty of a sexual assault or attempted rape but it seems pretty clear that he has a knack for leaving hotel rooms in haste and hotfooting it to the First Class Lounge at JFK without bothering to bring his mobile phone with him.
Now it appears that he has enjoyed a reputation within France as a roué with an appreciative eye for women.
Christ. From Berlusconi to DSK, why do we think it's acceptable for decrepit older men to - haw, haw, haw - think they have a chance with beautiful younger women. Why don't we just label these superannuated would-be seducers for the DOM that they are.
And, M Strauss-Kahn: next time, remember that it's Ireland you're meant to be trying to screw...

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