Thursday, May 19, 2011

Poor old Garret FitzGerald. I woke up to the news that the former taoiseach had died during the night. After the euphoria of Queen Elizabeth's visit and cĂșpla focal, the death of Ireland's favourite intellectual has been met with considerable dismay. So now I'm listening to the Pat Kenny Show, and pundits John Bowman and Diarmaid Ferriter talking about the legacy of an extraordinarily gracious, talented man. For people of my age, he will always be 'Garret the Good', the counterfoil to the dastardly Charles Haughey. But for a good 24 years after he left power, Mr FitzGerald served his nation as a commentator, the fatherly voice of reason who never chided us for our self-indulgent ways. The only thing missing from this radio discussion? Mr FitzGerald's own contribution. (image from

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